World-Class Environment
Bluebridge Networks® is rigorously committed to ensuring that its data centers provide an optimal environment with uninterrupted power and network connections. CampusEAI‘s Bluebridge Networks® Datacenter environment includes:

  • Full data-grade HVAC systems to regulate the air temperature and humidity where equipment resides – maximizing performance
  • N + 1 redundancy for virtually guaranteed continuous operation
  • State-of-the-art fire suppression systems
  • Multiple points of entry, control systems, and backup generators for delivering uninterrupted power to the equipment
  • Diverse power routes and redundant switching infrastructure for ensuring optimized connections – both in terms of speed and performance
  • Multiple levels of physical and logical security measures for a secure environment.


Physical Security
The CampusEAI datacenter is secured by 24/7 security staff, keycard and password access, and video monitoring. CampusEAI‘s data center, co-located at the Bluebridge Networks® facility in Cleveland, Ohio, is physically secured with a locked cage, dual keycard doors, 24 hour on site security, and video monitoring. All visitors in and out of the CampusEAI data center are logged,both with a written sign in/out sheet as well as video recording. CampusEAI further restricts those staff members who have direct access to the CampusEAI data center cage within the facility, to a total of no more than 5 staff members. In these ways, CampusEAI can be sure that your data will not be compromised or attacked on a physical level. Key Highlights:

    • Locked cages, dual keycard doors, 24 hour on site security, and video monitoring
    • Visitor sign-in & logging and video tracking
    • Restricted access and authorization to the physical facility


Network/Infrastructure Security
The CampusEAI network is secured by industry-standard systems. Logical security is paramount to a successful hosted portal. All traffic between the hosting server and your on-site servers is encrypted with 128 bit IPsec encryption. No keys are shared with the customers. Key Highlights:

    • Dedicated IPSEC VPN – Protects traffic between our servers and your secure systems
    • VLAN – Segregates your servers from other systems in our hosting center
    • Network Firewalls
    • Isolated SAN storage segments for customer data


Operational Security
The CampusEAI staff takes protective measures to ensure that root passwords, application administrator passwords, and other sensitive information is stored on protected volumes that are accessible only to authorized personnel. Access is secured via IPsec VPN tunneling to ensure integrity of any confidential data. These measures and more are all designed to ensure that your campus portal remains available to your users but a secured pathway into your enterprise environment. Key Highlights:

    • Encrypted Backups & Archives
    • Regular Security Audits
    • Password/Credential rotation and management

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