Hosting Architecture


CampusEAI partnered with tech industry titans such as BlueBridge®, Cisco®, Dell®, VMware®, and Network Appliance, while investing millions of dollars into the equipment infrastructure of the hosting environment. This translates into a tangible benefit for your institution - you can be secure in knowing that you are working with the best in the industry to ensure that your critical applications are hosted on physical and logical infrastructure that is available on demand and when you need it.

  • Collocation Powered by BlueBridge®

    BlueBridge Networks, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio,  is the region's leading total technology solutions provider. BlueBridge delivers best-in-class Data Center Services, including Work Group Recovery, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, and Managed Servces. Our network of state-of-the-art, geographically diverse, data center collocation facilities, are located in Cleveland, Mayfield Heights, and Columbus. BlueBridge Networks maintains the highest standards for uptime, quality and service, backed by the most powerful Service Level Guarantees (SLA) in the industry.
  • Network Powered by Cisco®

    The CampusEAI network architecture rests upon a multi-homed, gigabit-backbone secured network powered by Cisco® routers, Catalyst switches and Cisco® security appliances. Connectivity to the Internet is provided via redundant high-speed wide area network connections to the OneCommunity® and AT&T® regional fiber-optic network. Routers at the edge peer with OneCommunity®, AT&T® and the greater Internet via fully routed border gateway protocol (BGP) links, providing high availability and high-speed convergence in the case of link failure. All routers and firewalls employ 100% physical and logical redundancy, providing assurance that your Datatel® Solution will be available when you and your students expect it. CampusEAI‘s network is secured by fully-redundant, hardened firewalls, traffic shapers and intrusion detection systems. The network security architecture includes several features standard on each hosting project that ensures the integrity and security of your application and the data contained within it. Each customer receives dedicated IP addresses and virtual local area network (VLAN) allocations, providing safety at the local level – in the event that a hosted system is compromised, the security breach will be restricted to that particular system. Firewall security at the port level is high – only a small set of well-known TCP and UDP ports are open to the outside world, ensuring that service vulnerability risks are as low as possible. Network engineering staff from CampusEAI monitor the data network on a 24/7 basis, scanning for security issues, denial-of-service attacks, and other security issues that may compromise your data. The team is trained in defense tactics to isolate and stop any such problems before they result in compromised systems and data.
    Your Hosted & Managed Services will often need access to systems and data stored on servers located at your campus‘s data center, and as expected, security of those systems and of any data flowing between your Hosted and Managed Services and your data center is a key concern. Recognizing this, CampusEAI provides you with a secured, encrypted virtual private network (VPN) connection that tunnels traffic directly between your Hosted and Managed Services and your local database and information servers.

  • Internet Service (ISP) Powered by OneCommunity®& AT&T®

    Recognizing the need for enterprise-class links to the worldwide Internet, CampusEAI selected OneCommunity® to serve as the data center‘s Internet Service Provider (ISP). OneCommunity® is an internationally known and recognized, award-winning regional optical network (RON), linking public and private sector institutions in the Northeast Ohio region at gigabit and higher speeds. OneCommunity® provides CampusEAI with best-in-class network engineering and a team of professionals that are dedicated to providing clients with the highest speed, most reliable wide area network and Internet links available in the world today.
    CampusEAI utilizes the latest in single-mode, multi-mode, and copper wiring to ensure that signals are transmitted and received with the highest reliability and speed. CampusEAI can work with you to tailor network access speeds to your needs, providing a committed information rate (CIR) of dedicated speeds at an attractive price point.

  • Enterprise Servers Powered by Dell® & VMware®

    CampusEAI has partnered with Dell® for our physical server systems – the leader in personal computer and enterprise server systems. We utilize standardized hardware and hot spares, so that we can provide you with uptime that meets and exceeds your expectations for an available, reliable service. We use proven, tested virtualization technology from VMware® – your portal will be hosted on a virtual machine that has been independently verified as up to the task of providing fast response and reliable service to your students, faculty, and staff.

  • Storage Powered by Network Appliance

    As your Application grows and changes, a key feature of the CampusEAI hosting service will be physical and logical storage points to hold growing database and website data. Customers choosing a CampusEAI‘s hosted Service can be assured that the hosting facility chosen to host their application is up to the task of providing always available, large-capacity network attached storage and storage area networks for data storage. Network Appliance (NetApp®) provides CampusEAI with innovative storage and data management solutions that help accelerate breakthroughs and achieve outstanding cost efficiency. CampusEAI's partnership with NetApp® was created based on NetApp®'s - go beyond approach and broad portfolio of solutions for storage applications, storage for virtual servers, disk-to-disk backup, and others. CampusEAI utilizes NetApp® storage area network (SAN) devices configured with terabytes of available storage to host your portal‘s database and web content. The NetApp® storage area network is attached to your server with fiber channel optical technology, providing high speed and secure, available access between your server and the SAN data. All data on the NetApp® SAN is backed up on a weekly and daily basis, providing physical and logical redundancy for all mission-critical

  • Backup & Recovery Powered by Symantec®

    myCampus backup data is housed in a storage area network (SAN) and tape. System data is backed up using Symantec®. The ability to ensure safe, stable storage and recoverability of data is one of the most important aspects of the Hosted & Managed Services. Data maintained and stored within a database can represent literally hundreds of thousands of work hours of data input, capture and processing. The ability to recover and protect mission critical data must be a priority of a hosting service. Quite simply, loss of such systems and data is not an option, and the first priority of any hosting service is to ensure that such loss is never even a question.
    Recognizing the need for a best in class enterprise disaster recovery solution, CampusEAI spent the better part of a year researching, testing, and working with several vendors to determine which backup and recovery system would best suit our needs. After careful review and analysis, CampusEAI engineers and consortium staff determined that Symantec® was the best solution for the CampusEAI architecture. Through careful feature set analysis and comparison, CampusEAI can offer you a backup and recovery system that will exceed your expectations in the event of catastrophic data loss. Symantec®‘s flexible modular architecture delivers proven reliability and high performance with an unmatched combination of features. The system‘s modular design provides unique capabilities that allow CampusEAI to offer you a solution designed to meet current as well as future needs.
    CampusEAI provides staff that is dedicated to the support and maintenance of storage and backup processes to ensure all data is protected and retained according to the business requirements identified by the client. CampusEAI will work with you to customize your portal backup and recovery operations as needed, and if you desire backups beyond our baseline service, CampusEAI will work with you to develop an operational disaster recovery plan that meets your needs.
    The elements of this service include:

    • Disaster recovery planning of the hosting environment as well as access to the applications is performed according to the requirements defined by the customer through their business continuity planning. Physical and logical hot spares are kept in operation and on standby at all times, ensuring that your system is recoverable and returned to online status quickly and efficiently, regardless of physical or logical failure. CampusEAI, through its partnerships with vendors such as Symantec®, Dell® and Cisco®, is able to provide you with total peace of mind disaster planning and effect mitigation. In addition, projects are underway establishing virtualization of the consolidated server environment. Once completed these initiatives will provide "warm" and "hot" fail-over options for applications deemed critical to the operations or mission of our clients. The loss of a physical hard drive or corruption of a server operating system will no longer endanger data. Plans are in place for disasters such as acts of God, physical plant failures, and other such hazards.

    • Data backup simply put is copying data and related software or supporting configurations to a separate storage media. Backup copies represent a "snap-shot" of what was stored when the backup was run allowing file and system recovery back to that point in time. A solid backup strategy is paramount to the success of any hosting organization, and CampusEAI‘s hosting is no different. Daily hot and cold backups of every client server are run and monitored by our 24/7 Network Operations Center. Industry-standard automated backups are maintained with verification audits and recovery practices to ensure that data is valid.

    • Archiving and vaulting is utilized for off-site storage of data backups and recovery systems. Recovery of data and systems is possible using archiving and vaulting techniques but it is not considered adequate to protect time-sensitive recovery of business operations. Archived copies of critical data are stored offsite to prevent physical plant failure resulting in your loss of data. In a worst case scenario of total loss of the data center facility due to fire, tornado, or other disaster, your system would be protected from total loss.

  • Monitoring Powered by Zenoss®

    In order for CampusEAI to provide you with true peace of mind regarding your portal service, the Consortium determined that it would need to utilize a best-of-breed monitoring and operations center solution to ensure uptime and accessibility. With these concerns in mind, CampusEAI selected the Zenoss® network management system (NMS) solution. Zenoss® allows CampusEAI to monitor critical systems and services on a 24/7 basis, ensuring uptime, reliability, availability, and assuring you of receiving your 99.9% uptime guarantee. Through the use of SNMP and other network management system technologies, Zenoss® allows CampusEAI to provide you with a window into your portal services, allowing you to integrate monitoring of your Hosted and Managed Services with the monitoring of your local systems and networks. .

    In addition to providing you with monitoring capability, Zenoss® is utilized by our 24/7 network operations center to monitor and control servers on a global basis. The NOC is utilizing Zenoss® to monitor your Hosted & Managed Services every minute of every day, year round. When issues are found or critical services stop, Zenoss® and the NOC team are able to remotely fix problems and implement solutions, allowing the systems to return to operational status on an expedited basis. When remote solutions fail, Zenoss® will alert support staff, allowing them to come on-site to the data center on a 24/7 basis to ensure that your portal is returned to operation as quickly as possible.

    Beyond ensuring that downtime is dealt with appropriately, Zenoss® provides CampusEAI a window into the health of your portal server. Through these health checks and monitoring services, we can prevent critical infrastructure and services from going down and stop problems before they start – providing you with dedicated resources that are working each day to find and correct problems and maintain your servers in optimum health.

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